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Leave Hey Dopey! Which Bit Don’t You Get? sticky notes around...
and they’ll soon get the message!
Hey Dopey
Hey Dopey! Which Bit Don’t You Get? is an
Australian awareness campaign.

Our sticky notes are a great gift idea or a fabulous
fund-raiser for schools, clubs or community conscious businesses to help make people aware.

Available in pads of 50 sheets per pad. Printed in two colours only.You can buy in small or large quantities or customize with your own company website and contact details on the bottom for a little extra cost. Minimum of 250
pads for customized orders.
Hey Dopey Order
Samples displayed below are at actual size
(75 x 75 mm, 75 x 100 mm, 75 x 50 mm, 75 x 25 mm).
Choose from our extensive range of captions.

Hey Dopey

Hey Dopey
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